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Oven-to-Table Intro



Serve straight to the table, that's right, the baker you cooked in, is now out of the oven and will be presented to the table as a serving dish. Made of incredibly hard glazed French porcelain, this range retains heat extremely well. It is recommended that a thermal under mat such as cork is used to protect the finish on your table and prevent thermal shock to your procelain. Finished dinner? Take this range to the dishwasher ready for another day..... Oh, couldn't eat it all, no problem, warm up the remainder for lunch.... Put your porcelain in the refrigerator to keep your left overs fresh. When your ready to eat, take your porcelain from the refrigerator to the microwave or thermal oven and lunch is ready.
The classic finish of this incredible range is good enough to show off. Your baker doubles as great fruit dish until you need it next. This principle applies to the whole range of oven-to-table French porcelain, available in a huge selection of configurations. When you invest in this product you are purchasing multi purpose dishes with an endless number of uses; decor item, fruit bowl, preparation dish, cooking dish, serving dish, cold storage dish, microwave dish and we are sure there are many more uses. 
Specialized porcelain is incredibly durable and capable of withstanding enormous temperatures. Impervious to food stuffs and liquids, this sound like a magic bullet, well it is ....almost. The one thing that must be respected and controlled is shock. Both mechanical and thermal. The knowledgeable user will not have a problem with this. It is highly recommended that a dry, cork mat be used when transferring from hot to a cold surface. Cork has amazing thermal and shock absorbing qualities and acts as the ideal intermediatory material for products that are subject to either, thermal and mechanical shock.   

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