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Kruger knives are handmade, in limited volumes, for the discerning chef, home cook or enthusiast who love to cook with great equipment.  Made from fine grain, chrome verlladium, rust resistant, high carbon steel. Full tang and fully forged, one piece construction ensures a continuity of quality throughout the knife.


Most fully forged knives have a "bolster", which is the thick metal interface between the blade and handle. The bolster is designed to act in several capacities, to form a transition between the cutting blade and the handle,  providing blade rigidity at the handle junction, (this is where knives are generally most vulnerable) creating a stabile and safe cutting tool for the user.


If one bolster is good, two must be better? Normally this would be a nonsense, however, Kruger, have designed a knife that has two bolsters, one in the usual position and one at the heel of the knife, creating a bolster each end of the handle.  The second bolster is for a totally different reason and equally important to the user. The second bolster acts as a counter weight, providing excellent balance and control. Ergonomics and balance in a hand tool is important, especially a sharp tool, such as a knife. A balanced knife is easier to use, less tiering and actually feels lighter, than many out of balance knives that weigh less. The second bolster also protects the handle from "handle damage", should the knife be dropped onto a tiled or industrial floor. Furthermore, the ergonomics is extended into the triple riveted handle. This section is slightly bellied in the sides, to sit comfortably in your hand. Unlike most knives on the market, which have flat sided handles and can be quite uncomfortable, in comparison.


The business end of Kruger, is also very special. The fine grain steel that is used, goes through some sixty different processes before it is ready for use. The blade as mentioned earlier, is fully forged, full tang ("tang", the piece metal goes right through the handle), double bolstered, ice hardened, tempered, high carbon, rust resistant steel.  What this means to you, the user, is that you have a hand finished knife, that is easy to use, sharp and easy to maintain. We recommend progressive and continued periodic hand sharpening.


Kruger, being a boutique manufacturer offers professionalism in their craft, with the ability to design new and exciting specialised cooking knives, for all cooks, domesticor professional. Made in Germany, a family owned business since the early 1900's.  Today, Germany is like so many industrialized countries, they too have a major labour shortage, especially artisans in this field, therefore, supply and availability is not always constant. Clearly we do our very best to maintain a constant supply and continuity, however, we can sometimes be caught short on some items. We know you understand, so if your particular knife is temporarily  "out of stock", please be patient, you know it will be worth it.
Kruger is currently available in three unique ranges;


Kruger Classic;      krugerclassic_logo.JPG
Largest of the three ranges with balanced triple riveted, black ebonette handles.



Kruger Metall;         kruger_metalllogo.jpg
Medium size range, truely all one piece including the solid balanced handle, all stainless steel handles.