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What happens when you just run out of space? 
What happens when you have even more coming?

Drastically reduce the price.... That's What!

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Deep Gastro plate 285mm .diameter extra heavy duty French White made by Apilco of France.




retail price $68.95 each 

  Today's Price  $44.93 each  


  Min. buy 5 piece pack  








APILCO "El Fresco" 36 piece, full size set enough for six really hungry people. Made from the same hard porcelain as you may have used in your oven, under your grill, in your dishwasher, in your microwave and let the kids take it all back to the kitchen when they are finished. This is the (everyday porcelain) that you will also reserve for special occassions. The French white that shows off your food talent.....

The "El Fresco" comes with 6 x 240ml. cups, 6 x saucers, 6 x 285mm. large main plates, 
6 x 245mm. entree, breakfast, luncheon, dessert plates, 6 x 230mm pasta and soup or mussels bowl,  6 x 190mm side, bread & butter, salad plate. In  all - 36 great El Fresco pieces (while stocks last).


retail price  $932.40


Today's Price  $463.--   SORRY... SOLD OUT !


NEW ITEM:......     APILCO "El Fresco" 


Check it Out .... in store now !





apillionhead.jpgLions Head Pedistal bowls, ideal for French onion soup, pie topped casserole or even desserts. Universal and quite unique, bake that pie top pastry right on the bowl in the oven and directly to the table. Often seen in French restaurants but rarely with its matching saucer! When these bowl come out of the oven, or from the grill/salamanda, they are hot! You can try to put them on a plate, but they can be a handfull.


Scullerymade has secured a limited number of matching saucers and for the time being they are included in our TRADE PRICED LIONS HEAD BOWL SET... Better still... 
(No Minimum Quantities!)  


  Don't miss this one!!!  






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