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We at Scullerymade are proud to present our range of French made porcelain dinnerware. Made in the Limoges region of France which synonymous for fine porcelain tableware. Designed with an air of timeless simplicity and splendour. A range that is tough enough for day to day use, for both commercial or domestic use, with an air of grace and traditional style that will enhance any table or function. At last, we can offer a porcelain dinner service that will take the abuse of hotel and restaurant use, unquestionable dishwasher use, durable in the oven, refrigerator or freezer. Store foods, chilled, without contamination, and don't forget that all pieces are microwave safe.  Who needs two or more sets of dinnerware?  We hear all too often, "I want a day to day setting, because I have a set for special occasions".  Don't waste space or money, this range covers it all without compromise.

This company has been making porcelain products for nearly 200 years; therefore, the range is extensive to say the least. With over 230 different porcelain products available in the range, including oven-to-table items, you can be assured that all pieces will colour match, hence, the overall range flows and although the shapes and range names may vary, it all works together with an integral link and feel. If it sounds we are passionate about our porcelain, you're right!......it just works! 

apilcopera149.jpgChoose from seven plate sizes, to make a setting for your individual needs. To suit your particular diet or eating preferences. Proportion the setting to the table or eating area.

For example, in a tight area, choose smaller bread and butter or side plates. Bread and butter plates available in three sizes! The same can be applied to dinner plates, also in three great sizes. In the midst of this array of plate sizes, we have a must have entree, dessert, breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea, coffee break or luncheon plate, that you will find indispensable.
Furthermore, this vast range of plate sizes is repeated in three different styles, quite a choice.

apilyonase1.jpgNow that you have made your choice of plates, lets look at bowls. Bowls for; soup, pasta, oatmeal, cereal and desserts. There are specialised bowls for; bouillon, onion soup, glaces and sorbet, salads large and individual. Small bowls for; side dishes, pickles, chillies, spice, olive oil, mousse and custard, creme brulee etc.

With over two hundred items in our porcelain collection, it is important to know all pieces are colour matched, from range to range and piece to piece, in traditional French white glaze. Creating a canvas or uniform background for the star of the show, your food. This policy continues to our porcelain cooking dishes, casseroles, soufflés, terrines, which makes the complete collection interchangeable without colour compromise.

A little French secret, many of the better restaurants choose to colour match their table and oven-to-table porcelain. Furthermore, this is usually set on a plain white tablecloth for background, this creates form, unity and professionalism, thus, creating less confusion for the diner allowing focus on the subject matter, (your food). A focused diner will generally enjoy their dining experience more. 

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