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It is said, "Bread is one of life's staples."   Made with simple ingredients, yet, baking a good loaf still remains somewhat an art form. The appearance of the finished loaf can be more difficult than the preparation of the loaf itself, for example, platted and or decorated breads including some free hand loafs. We recommend using standard format, professional baking pans and forms. The pans and forms take care of the basic finished shape, the choice of materials for these forms have been selected for their baking performance, robustness and easy care.

Single bread pans as used in most bakeries, available in four trade accepted sizes; 340 gram, 450 gram, 680 gram and 900 gram rectangular loaf format. Heavy steel construction, made from aluminised steel.


baguette_nonstick.jpgBake cheese topped baguettes with this PTFE coated baguette form, the dark colour absorbs heat to ensure crispy baguettes. The PTFE coating ensures melted cheese or similar, cleans up with ease. Bakes two baguettes, fits most domestic sized ovens.
Available in perforated aluminised steel for fan forced ovens.


baguette_secsml_60x40.jpg Traditional format commercial baguette form, bakes six baguettes measures 750x430mm. Wire edge reinforcing for added strength, made from stippled, heat treated blued steel. 

Regardless of the style of bread in question, a bakers mixing bowl will be required. A good quality stainless steel is preferred. Scullerymade supply a large range Swedish stainless steel bowls with varying depths, diameters and volumes. Widely used in Europe, the conical shape of these bowls is preferred as the conical sides are uncompromising and are generally specified by most bakers. Made with an open rim which acts as an effective pouring lip, the rim adds strength and integrity to the bowl's structure and leaves the edge open for easy cleaning, no folds and no trapped foods. Surgical grade, Swedish stainless steel is dishwasher safe.



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